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Easy to Download and Use App

If you take pictures, you can use the App, if you've ordered a pizza online. you can easily use the App (iPhone and Android)

Content AI Optimizer

Once the content picture is taken, the iContentsPro AI Engine will analyze the image and then find a replacement item and price.

Easy Web Portal Dashboard

Access your personalized Dashboard and view all your claims status: capturing contents photos status, being processed by iContentsPro, or is report ready to be reviewed and shared with an examiner, an adjuster or the client.

Content Reporting

Once contents are analyzed, a report automatically is built showing all the contents, the replacement item and sources.


Receive notifications via text and emails at each step along the process.


Reports can be shared on-demand with anyone: the insured, an examiner, another member of your team or an estimating system.

Meet iContentsPro

iContentsPro is a tool to hep you and your team overcome the challenges of processing Content Claims

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