iContentsPro 101

An insurance contents claim powerhouse

  • iContentsPro was founded by Professional Adjusters out of the necessity to help them improve the speed, reliability and reporting process of Insurance Content Claims
  • iContentsPro combines today's technology and NEXT Generation AI to streamline the Content Claim Process from Inventorying Contents to Reporting
  • Content Inventory Specialist simply downloads the iContentsPro Mobile App, starts a project and captures content images tagging them by room, age, and if they should be replaced, repaired or cleaned. Once contents are completed, simply submit the project and our propriety AI Engine automatically builds a report for you to review
  • The iContentsPro Mobile App is combined with a powerful iContentsPro Web App that works hand and glove to easy manage all your Content Claims including examining reports

Content Image Capture and Validation Step

Capturing content images is easy with iContentsPro Mobile App, simply add a project and or client in seconds. Then begin taking photos of the contents adding basic details and submit to our proprietary AI Engine to analyze each content image. We also include a CONFIDENCE VALUE for the data generated and tag it with a date and location stamp to further validate your report.

Automatic Report Generator (replace, clean or repair)

Once all the Contents are collected and our AI Engine analyzes the data, we automatically generate a report of all the contents that Insurance Companies require in a Contents Report: the room, description, age, condition and where original purchased from. Should the content be replaced, cleaned or repair and the Current Cost to do it.

Then you can download the report to examine it, or assign to another team member or partner, or you can have iContentsPro Examination Service perform the review process.

To help speed up the examination step, we capture and show a confidence level of the data we supply.


Content Claim Dashboard and Workflow

iContentsPro Dashboard is identical from your mobile phone or desktop computer, there you can manage all your Content Claim Projects and know which step there in: how many need to be started or assigned, how many projects are in the content capture process, how many are being analyzed by iContentsPro, how many reports are ready for review and how many content claim projects are completed.